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What You Need To Know About Potty Training The transformation from being on diapers to potty and toilet is quite a sensitive transition. It is important to find the right harmony between the encouraging the change and making sure it is convenient for your child. We want the change to be a quick one but we also don’t want it to be a burden for them. Potty training is different with each child so even if it worked for one parent it might not work for the other. Children with older siblings usually just imitate the older ones and wont necessarily go through the potty training stage. Take note that it is not about instructing your kid how to use the toilet, instead you are letting them learn the sensations that are telling them it’s time to use the toilet. When should you start
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When to start with potting training would depend on your child’s development. The general time frame of potty training is that it begins at 1 year of age and finish at 3 years of age. Nowadays, the process is taking longer and could reach the fourth year.
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It’s a long process of weaning your child off nappies and you should know when to continue or stop. Parents often say that you will become successful in potty training when your kids themselves are showing interest. Products that can help If your child likes the actual potty, there is more chances they will learn it quicker. The sturdiness of the potty is important to make sure its safe for your child. The potty should be the right size for your kid in order to ensure they are always comfortable. It should also be colorful and attractive. It should be easy to clean and portable as well in case you need to bring it somewhere. Aside from basic features, some potties are also really attractive to kids. Training pants will help you during your child’s learning curve. These have an absorbent lining inside in case of any accidents. Take note that once you have moved to training pants, you should not go back to nappies or it can hinder the potty training process. One tip is to let your child choose the potty so that they will want to use it more. Always praise your child when they use the potty the right way. It is also possible for kids to move directly to using the toilet instead of using the potty. Always be patient with your child and don’t get mad at them. During potty training, boys tend to learn at a slower pace compared to girls. It is better to buy clothing that can be quickly removed by your child. Loose clothing could cause accidents. Have a smooth transition from nappy to potty to toilet by having the right attitude and tools to help your kids become successful.

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