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4 Reasons to Get a Paternity Test

When most people think of a paternity test, they often think of complex child support and custody cases. However, that’s just part of the reason why these tests are so useful. From confirming parental relationships to resolving issues arising during adoption, there are numerous advantages of DNA paternity tests. There are many reasons people pursue paternity testing, and some of the most important reasons are listed below.

Identifying a Child’s Biological Parents

Though it is not always true, many children who have been adopted eventually wish to find their biological mother and father. Finding, meeting and forming a relationship with a biological father is a big step, regardless of one’s age, and DNA paternity testing is the best way to find answers to long-held, big and meaningful questions about one’s lineage.

Confirming a Sibling Relationship

In some instances, two people (or more) may think they are biological siblings. Paternity testing makes it possible to confirm these suspicions because the potential siblings can undergo testing to find out whether they have the same father. If questioning extends to who the father may be, the siblings must find the father and ask him to undergo a test on his own.

Getting Certain Benefits

Some unique situations involve questions of legal and biological paternity after a man is deceased. Because many life insurance and Social Security benefit claims hinge on proof of someone’s paternity, DNA testing is the easiest and most effective way to establish a biological relationship between people.

Establishing a Person’s Claim to an Inheritance

Everyone has heard about men who have fathered children out of wedlock, and in some instances, these facts don’t come up until the father has passed away. Situations may arise where unknown or disputed children file a claim to a man’s inheritance. A DNA test can clear doubts, establish the legitimacy of a claim and ensure that the inheritance goes to the rightful heirs.

Paternity testing has the ability to open doors in people’s lives. If a person believes they can benefit from DNA paternity testing, they can call or click to learn more about the process. Visit the site today to set up an appointment or to get more information.

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