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Some Things You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is a kind of procedure that will reshape the nose. This surgery can make the nose smaller or larger depending on what you would like to achieve. Such process can be cosmetic but you can opt for this when you have an existing medical problem with your nose. For example, you may go for this procedure when you like to correct the bumps, the indentation and the defects of the nose. If you like your nose to become smaller, the surgeon is going to make cuts in your nostrils to reach the bone and the cartilage. This is what you call the closed rhinoplasty and you won’t be seeing noticeable scars after the procedure. Aside from this, it will just take a lesser time and you will also have less swelling and because of this, you can have a fast recovery. When closed rhinoplasty is not possible, then an open version will be done by the surgeon. The surgeon is going to make rearrangements with the bone and the cartilage to have the desired shape of the nose. If you wish to have a bigger nose, then the surgeon is going to cut inside or between your nostrils and reshape the bone and the cartilage. The surgeon will be using an extra cartilage or bone to build up the nose. The cartilage is usually taken out from the ears and the bone would come from the skull, the hip or elbow. Also, the surgeon may use artificial implants but it is recommended that you go for the bones or cartilage in order to reduce the risk of infection.
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After the surgery, there will be splints in the nostrils to keep those nasal bones in their position. Also, you will have bandages that may be removed in a week. Apart from this, your face can feel puffy and the area around the eyes and the nose can get swollen or bruised for a few days. It is suggested that your head is elevated and is kept still for the first few days following the surgery. Before you perform those strenuous activities, you should rest for a few weeks.
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Talking about the cost of rhinoplasty, you must know that this will range from three thousand to $8000. The price will actually depend on where the surgery is don like in the surgeon’s office or the hospital. To make sure that the risks are eliminated then you have to find an experienced surgeon. Know that rhinoplasty is really an excellent procedure for medical condition or to improve your looks. For you to have a better information regarding the procedure and know how satisfied the patients are, there are many articles that you can read online.

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