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What are the Social Security Benefits? The most basic thing that you need to know about the Social Security is that there are three varied categories of these benefits. These three levels of benefits are the following: when you die, when you retire and if you will become disabled. However, if there are still more information that you wish to be able to know, you may always pay a visit to the web site of the Social Security Administration. One reason as to why there are a lot of people availing of this benefit is because of the fact that a person will be able to receive the full retirement benefits when he or she reaches the age of 65 years old. There is however an increase for the people that are born after the year 1938. If you decide to retire before your each the age of 65 years old this is possible but there is a decrease of half a percent every month until you reach 65 years old. If you wish to be able to learn more about how much you will lose if you retire at the age of 62 then you can always pay a visit to the social security web site. An additional important thing that you need to learn about these Social Security benefits is that prior to earning them, a person needs to consider some qualifications. By paying Social Security taxes and by earning Social Security credits when they work in a job a person is able to earn the benefits of the Social Security. The earnings of a person is actually the basis on how these credits are earned. There is a need to be able to determine if the person is eligible for survivor’s benefits, retirement and disability or not and that is through the work history of this person. Every year the earnings that are needed in order to receive credits have a slight increase. And what is so great about the credits that you have earned is that they remain on your record even though you do not earn for a while or if they change jobs. The Social Security as a matter of fact has some special rules covered for some kinds of jobs. Yes, there are various kinds of jobs that the Social Security counts but there are also kinds of jobs that they do not give consideration to. There are some states and local governments that have employees that do not qualify or did not participate at all with the Social Security. The Social Security is very flexible and an example of this is the freedom of choice of the person to have their retirement benefits delayed. And if the person does choose this, then they are able to receive an increase in their benefits.
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There are still more benefits that the Social Security is able to offer and only a few of these have been discussed.If You Think You Get Funds, Then Read This

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