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Transitioning Your Child from Nappies to Potty If you are a first-time mum, transitioning your child from nappies to potty can be quite a challenge. You should support your child to transition by encouraging him in the activity. Another thing you should consider is the comfort of the child when using the potty. Most mums want their children to quickly learn how to use the potty. However, you should think about the happiness of the child as you train him to use the potty. When training your child to use the potty, you will come across different problems. To begin, your child may take the training differently than you expected. The way your child will transition may be different from how another child does. For example, some children do not need potty training. These children may watch what older children are doing and learn to use the potty on their own. Some children also learn how to use the potty by watching adults. For some children, learning how to use the potty can be a challenge. For this children, it may be necessary to beg or bribe them to use the potty. Some children will use the potty but only after wailing and crying a lot. There are also children who won’t complain but will take long to transition. Keep in mind that you don’t simply want the child to learn how to sit on the potty. Rather, he should recognize when he needs to use the potty when the body sensations say so.
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When to Train Your Child to Use the Potty The age at which you should begin training your child to use the potty will vary depending on various factors. In most cases, you should start potty training your child at the age of one. By the third age, the child should have finished potty training. However, these guidelines do not have to work for your child. Some children take some time to complete potty training while others complete faster. In fact, recent studies show that potty training is today taking longer. There are cases where children of up to four years are still being trained to use the potty. On the same note, it is also common to find children who were previously thought to be too old still wearing nappies.
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You need to be patient to teach your child how to use the potty. The training should not be a session full of pressure for the child. If you are trying to transition your child from nappies to potty but he seems not comfortable, do not force him. You should take the training based on the child’s pace. If you notice the child is resisting the training, you can try it another time. The above are some of the tips you should follow when looking to transition your child from nappies to potty.

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