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There was a supplement used in France before that promotes wakefulness, vigilance, attention and mood particularly in the elderly.

It comes under a category of Eugeroic, a kind of Nootropic agent, which aids in the improvement of alertness and concentration. To fight against sleepiness, exhaustion and fatigue for a longer period of time, this supplement is a kind of stimulant. This class of stimulant is very helpful to workers working night shift and who work in long hours. This drug may have effects in activating behaviour but according to experts, it does not have the ill-effects like the other stimulants.

Mainly, this drug works in two ways. By boosting the level of neurotransmitter hypo cretin, this drug increases the wakefulness and concentration of the person. By increasing the dosage of the drug, attention-stimulating chemicals are released in human body and reduces tiredness. The learning process is facilitated by this concentration-stimulating drug through brain attentiveness and memory. With the breakdown and stimulation of glutamate, it improves cognitive and perceptive abilities in a person.

Being water soluble, this drug can be taken with water or juice even on an empty stomach. Since taking the drug in the afternoon can cause insomnia, it is recommended to take it in the morning. It is recommended for patients not to take higher dosages therefore the person should take it in lower quantities for a start.

Only on occasional basis is this drug to be taken. For example, it can be taken on days when the person has deadlines to be met in his job requiring more extra hours of work. This drug can also be taken for two weeks and then take a break for a week, and this is called on a cyclic basis. Effects on liver will be reduced by doing this process.

It is safe to use this drug if used in short period of usage. Usage in short period, this drug will have an alert, cognitive and perceptive increase in a person’s abilities.

If this drug taken for the long run, there could be a change in the behavioural attitude of the person like by being talkative. In France, it is known to be effectively used for the treatment of Alzheimer disease.

The common side effects of the drug are headaches, stomach problems and elevated blood pressure. Effects of high dosage of this drug are decrease in the frequency of urine, people may daydream or hallucinate. This drug may also cause liver damages, epilepsy and kidney failure if used for a longer time.

It was recommended to take this drug for people doing extra hours of work or working odd hour shifts. On the other hand, it is known that this drug has contra-indications as well and thus to be used moderately and be monitored.

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