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Why Dental Implants are Preferable Missing Teeth Substitutes If one or several of your teeth are missing, function or looks or both may be affected, depending on what region of your dental set up has been compromised. You can fix the issue in a number of ways, but dental implants in Denver are a practical solution. Below are some of the reasons why dental implants are considered better than traditional solutions like dentures: Enhancement of Quality of Life The appearance, function, and feel of dental implants is like that of natural teeth. Thanks to the implants, your speaking, eating, and smiling are just normal. Additionally, cleaning implants is as simple as natural teeth because implants are fixed. Also, dental implants can reclaim lost confidence.
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Protection of Facial Structures
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Missing teeth can result in bone resorption over time, which can lead to the deterioration of your jaw as well as facial structure. But implants help the jaw structures maintain integrity, preventing any section of the face from dropping. Protection of the Adjacent Teeth Dental implants help guard against compromise of the adjacent teeth. If a missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant that comes with a crown and support bridge, the adjacent teeth will be protected. But traditional dentures are known to expose the adjacent teeth to eventual damage. Natural Appearance When you smile or laugh, no one can tell that you’ve got dental implants. That cannot be said about dentures, which are likely to be noticed when your gum is exposed. Implants also provide a natural sense of steadiness while you eat, sneeze, or even laugh. Regardless of what your mouth is involved in, there’s no possibility that your dental implants can drop as they’re strongly hooked to the bone. When wearing dentures, there’s always the fear of embarrassment in case these fall when laughing or sneezing powerfully. However, when you have dental implants that are tightly set up, they start feeling normal with time, and you’re never reminded that they’re synthetic. Eating Well and With Ease If you have dental implants, there’s no restriction as to the kind of food you can eat. You can use the teeth to comfortably crush anything, including nuts, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Specific types of foods are tough to chew with dentures on, and the dentures may also be ruined, although that’s not a concern with dental implants. In the same vein, implants let you eat anywhere you wish in public, including a restaurant, because you don’t need to remove them, which can embarrass you in such a situation. To identify the kind of solution that’s best for you, a dental implant may have to examine your oral health. But usually, dental implants are the more preferred, permanent replacement of missing teeth.

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