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Erectile Dysfunction:What Can Cause It? The causes behind erectile dysfunction are numerous and can be quite different in nature. If one is not able to achieve and maintain an erection, or is unable to ejaculate, they are likely suffering from impotence. It is a problem that can have a substantial negative effect on one’s self esteem, leading to stress and depression in normally healthy individuals. Some might label age as the main contributing factor behind erectile dysfunction. However, there are a few causes that should be given more light. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, here are a few unusual factors that may be the cause behind it. Medication is one of the greatest inventions created by mankind, but it is not without its flaws. It is a well known fact that many medications have a chance of causing one to suffer from certain side effects. Medications that affect one’s blood flow are known to cause impotence in men at times. Certain medications that intrude on the performance of the nervous system can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Looking into the side effects of your medication has a chance of shedding some light on your situation. Even so, no matter what you find out, consult your doctor before spontaneously quitting your prescribed medication. One’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection can be influenced by cardiovascular issues. Your body needs your heart to pump blood to every part of it. Knowing this, it is easy to surmise that one could experience impotence based on their heart condition. Cholesterol and hypertension can and have been linked to impotence in a number of men in the past.
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The way in which one lives their life, or any mental disorders they may experience, can directly impact their ability to become erect. Dealing with depression and anxiety can render one unable to become erect. Performance anxiety can develop if a person has an experience wherein they are not able to become erect. They might then worry during future sexual encounters that they will not be able to perform, resulting in a self fulfilling prophecy. Substance abuse, such as that of alcohol or amphetamines, are known to increase the chances of one developing erectile dysfunction.
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These possible causes, while somewhat unknown, are very common. It is important to communicate with a doctor about your erectile dysfunction to receive proper treatment. It can be anything from a change in lifestyle to being prescribed a specific type of medication. When you speak to you doctor, be honest and open about your current situation; they need to know all of the factors of your case to best assist you.

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