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A New Non-Surgical Procedure to Control Wrinkles & Other Signs Of Aging

There was a time when cosmetic procedures involved nothing more than working on the exterior body to improve the overall appearance of the individual. With advancements in technology, it became possible to rely on surgical solutions to alter your appearance and enjoy a more handsome or beautiful look. Today, the clock has turned a full circle and people are relying on non-surgical procedures like a non-invasive vampire facelift to keep their faces free of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

The most interesting feature of such a procedure is that a gel-like substance that is derived from the individual’s blood is used to treat wrinkles and give new, fresh, and more pleasing appearance to the face. The patient’s blood is processed to derive platelet rich fibrin matrix for use in the procedure. The gel-like material that is so derived is injected into the skin of the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Such a procedure is similar to procedures that involve the injection of chemical skin fillers into the face to minimize wrinkles. However, the primary difference here is that the filler is derived from the patient’s blood. Secondly, the filler contains numerous growth factors called cytokines that are derived from the platelets in the blood. This is the reason why such a procedure is considered relatively safer than pumping chemicals into your face.

Further, the injection of growth factors will help tackle wrinkles and other signs of aging in a more holistic manner. Instead of suppressing the wrinkles, the growth factors will rejuvenate the skin and resolve the issue with better results over the long run. You can consider this option if your lifestyle requires you to look young and good-looking amongst your social peers and contacts. Or, you may need to look fresh if you are working in the advertising or media industry where how you look is as important as your other skills.

On the whole, this new procedure has the potential of proving to be a useful and viable non-surgical procedure that will help control the appearance of signs of aging on your face.

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