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The Importance of Medical Coding Audits In Medical Practice Since physicians are most likely to feel exhausted and stressed out due to the increase number of patients that they need to cater of and needs medicals services as well as appropriate follow ups, they hardly get the time to see to the coding and the billing processes. As for practices, they may have in house staffs however, their hands are also full of tasks to do. Factors such as the documenting of medical records, the carrying out of the coding and billing opportunely, as well as the submission of the claims to insurers are all very important from the point of view of the revenue inflow to the practice. Physicians actually can choose whether they themselves will be the one overseeing the coding and billing patterns of their practice or hire a medical billing company to do the same job for them prior to the actual claim submission. One of the reason why a practice’s financial conditions got tarnished is due to the medical bills that contains missing or incorrect information which usually does not get paid. When the codes being assigned do not capture the complexity of the service provided, it is called undercoding; when the codes reported a more complex procedure which is different from what was actually provided, then that is overcoding. The undercoding and the overcoding will both prevent the proper reimbursement and can also trigger audit from the payer. However, there is a way to avoid such distress from happening and that is by hiring the services of a qualified and reliable medical billing company in which they will handle the medical coding audit to identify any pitfalls in the in-house medical coding process. What Are The Things Involved in Medical Coding Audit? When it comes to medical coding audit, it involves the review coming from a provider by an external agency like a medical billing company which has expertise in the provider’s specialty. Such reviews will be unbiased and will provide a clear idea in terms of the practice’s coding standards, accuracy and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. This kind of auditing will also bring light to errors and misunderstanding (if there is any) with regards to coding and ensures that the physician practice incorporates all the latest coding updates and rules.
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The cause of the majority of the claims denials and lower reimbursement is due to the inaccurate coding and common misconceptions coders have. However, with the use of medical coding audit, these errors will easily be detected. By using the coding audit from accredited medical billing and coding companies will greatly help in locating the errors and missing information in the medical records by the time the coding is being performed. Aside from the improvement of medical records, it is will also affect the quality of patient care provided.What You Should Know About Audits This Year

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