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Braco – Healer or Huckster?

Braco – Healer or Huckster?


“For fifteen years, other folks from in all places Europe were streaming to Zagreb, Croatia to revel in and be healed during the easy act of watching with a type and delicate guy who is going by way of the identify of Braco (mentioned Braht-zoh).  At the same time as Braco doesn’t name himself a healer, loads of heaps all over the world do. 

Braco hasn’t spoken in public for years, nor does he put it up for sale.  He doesn’t pontificate, nor ask anything else of somebody, and and hasn’t prevalent a unmarried donation for a present he believes most effective comes thru him, now not from him.” 

–From Braco’s web site 

A family member and I went to peer Braco lately. We stayed for a few gazings. A watching is simply what it feels like – Braco stands in entrance of an target audience and appears at them. The consultation begins out with a lady giving us historical past on Braco and what has came about at earlier gazings, similar to other folks being cured of various illnesses. After that, Braco got here out and stood on a level. He does not communicate. He simply seems out over the target audience.

He gazed on the target audience for 10-quarter-hour. As soon as he’s performed staring at, he leaves the room. The lady asks other folks in the event that they want to percentage what they only skilled. Those individuals are photographed and their testimony is recorded. After the second one observing, a tape recording of him speaking used to be performed. I assume we have been a fortunate workforce as a result of now not everybody will get to listen to his voice. He does not talk English so I do not know what he stated. That may be the top of the observing.

So, what do I feel? Smartly, first let us take a look at “hasn’t regularly occurring a unmarried donation, ” “Donation” being the operative phrase right here. Now not accepting a donation is something. However a roomful of 500 folks paying $ eight in line with “gaze” X eight periods an afternoon X 2 days, that involves $ 6,four hundred for his Colorado look on my own. And he travels around the world. Upload in gross sales of books and CDs and jewellery, Braco and his entourage almost definitely introduced in $ 10,00 for 2 days of principally taking a look at folks.

Subsequent take a look at “he does not market it.” Smartly, by some means individuals are listening to approximately him. He has a few actually just right, inventive, industry folks running for him. They have been continuously photographing and recording individuals who sought after to inform everybody how they felt after the observing. So he does not need to pay for promoting; other folks stuck up within the second are doing the promoting for him.

Finally, let us take a look at the “miracles” that experience came about after he “gazed” at folks. I feel if I “gazed” at eight,000 other folks in days, simply the use of the regulation of averages, I guess no less than a few folks might really feel higher. Upload in an general mindful idea that miracles occur throughout a observing, I guess a couple of folks may well be healed simply by being within the room with none staring at.

That is simply my tackle it. I am open to a large number of issues, however I am with P.T. Barnum in this one.



Ellen Hughes is an writer, lecturer and medical hypnotherapist.  Hughes runs http://www.SourceofEnlightenment.com web site, a number one choice well being supply.  The web site reviews on over 50 choice well being strategies, the use of interviews, articles, experiments.  It lists over 250 choice well being, metaphysical and non secular occasions all through the arena. Her new ebook, Adventures with Herbal Therapeutic – A Private Adventure of Discovery With 26 Choice Well being Strategies is a easiest supplier on Amazon.

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