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Types Of Malpractices Found In Medical Profession A medical malpractice means a situation where a physician has gone against their professional ethics of service delivery causing harm to the patient. It usually happens due to medical negligence, which is an unintentional mistake by a doctor. Determining whether an act is a malpractice involves checking whether it was different from the way other medical practitioners would have done. For instance, if a nurse gives a patient different medication from the one prescribed by a doctor, the nurse can be accused of malpractice. Surgical cases are the most common that are categorized as malpractices. A surgical doctor may perform a wrong surgery from a different organ than the intended one. Some surgical doctors have intentionally forgotten tools of surgery inside patients bodies after medical operation. Some practices may not reach the level of being considered to be malpractices. Most of the decisions are well thought of before concluding a practice is a malpractice or not. In the medical profession, malpractices re common and they come in different forms. Medical chart errors result from a nurse making mistakes in recording wrong information on a medical chart which results to wrong treatment of a patient. The errors may include medications that are out of order and procedures that do not match the disease. This may lead to severe effects of improper treatment.
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Wrong prescriptions are also common mistakes in medical profession. The doctor gives a wrong medication or a pharmacist fills a prescription with a different medication. The doctor may ignore the current medication of a patient, therefore, giving different drugs which can cause harm to the patient. This results from the doctor ignoring a patient’s medical history.
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Performing a wrong anesthesia is another common malpractice anesthesiologists do. Anesthesia keeps the patient off the whole surgical session and a wrong one may result in compromising the operation by the patient waking up. Delayed diagnosis is a common malpractice where the doctor fails to determine the disease at the right time making it uncontrolled in the later stages. The malpractice is common for cancer patients where the doctor fails to determine the disease as early as possible. During birth, the medical practitioners may perform wrong practices which become worse for mothers and the babies. Childbirth practices results in the death of the child or the mother and cam cause harm to the body organs. The cases are extraordinarily costly to the insurance companies. Most of these cases end up in the courts of law where the patient seeks compensation for the harm done to them during birth. In cases where the parties cannot agree on a settlement sum, the jury in the court decides the case. Other cases of gross misconduct and negligence results to revocation of the doctor’s medical license.

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