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A Quick Guide to Diabetic Test Strips The invention of diabetes test strips have made the lives type 2 diabetics so much easier. Indeed, it is a revolutionary product that actually provides exact figures representing their blood glucose levels, enabling them to control their condition more conveniently while getting on with their lives. Then again, diabetes test strips in the market are far from equal. If you’re planning to buy some, remember the following: Expiration Date Definitely, the expiration date is the first thing you should check when buying diabetes test strips. You don’t want expired products or those which are nearing expiration. Like the others, you probably have to test multiple times a day, so make sure you strips will last a few more months. Give a six to twelve-month allowance to be safe.
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Must the box be factory-sealed? Yes, because some unscrupulous sellers will actually take the new strips for their own use and then replace them with expired ones. Old strips easily look new to an untrained eye, so it’s really important to check. To be totally safe, never accept a box whose seal is broken. As well, strips tend to reduce their shelf life once the tube has been opened. Worse, if you get an opened tube of strips which have been contaminated, you could be putting your health at risk. Again, to eliminate all possibility, just buy a box with an intact factory seal. Effects of the Environment One thing you have to know as a diabetes test strip user is that these things are sensitive to the environment. You should store them in a cool, dry place; if they are subjected to heat swings, they can return unreliable test results. Before you order some of these strips, make sure the delivery will be quick – around one to two days. Definitely, if the strips are left to sit in a hot truck or warehouse during or before shipment, they will not be useful anymore. Glucose Meter Compatibility Of course, the strips you order should fit into your glucose monitor or you obviously can’t use them. Choose a seller who provides information on which test strips work with which machines. Don’t assume that a certain brand will go with all monitors manufactured by the same company. There are test strips that come in boxes of different colors, and that may or may indicate something. Even if you think the colors stand for something, just ask the seller to be sure. Reputable suppliers are always glad to be of help, so if the one you plan to buy from isn’t, then you simply have to look elsewhere.

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