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Reasons to See a Chiropractor Following an Auto Accident Plenty of people are injured because of minor car accidents each year, and when they are rear-ended, they may eventually experience some pain in their neck and back. People usually develop chronic health issues due to the outwardly minor mishap. These matters are by and large managed with the assistance of a doctor as most people don’t think about consulting with a chiropractor. But chiropractic care is actually the best treatment, taking into account that it doesn’t require surgery or drugs. Below are the top reasons to seek chiropractic treatment following a car accident: Chiropractic neutralizes swelling.
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Micro-tears that are caused by a physically traumatic experience will not show on an X-ray. These infinitesmal tears in the muscle are some of the main causes of people waking up with extreme pain the day after the collision or crash. In most cases, they are due to whiplash – muscles can’t be jerked so quickly without any harm. If you went through this experience and you visit a chiropractor, this musculoskeletal specialist will be able to work on your spine and help your system release IL-6, an anti-inflammatory substance involved in acute injury management.
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Chiropractic brings back normal motion. If you have back and neck injuries due to an accident, the ensuing inflammation is going to bring about even more problem. It will stall the healing process since blood and nutrients will not be able to make it to the areas that need their nourishment. Chiropractic can mobilize your spine, allowing it to begin healing a lot faster than it would without this type of intervention. Chiropractic controls development of scar tissue. When they hear the words, “scar tissue,” people typically think of old wounds on their skin, not knowing that this type of tissue could form inside the body as well. Muscles will end up with scar tissue just because it is how body responds to injury. But this tissue will make you feel stiff and uncomfortable for a while, although it will heal in due time. A chiropractor can work on the specific damaged areas and break up the scar tissue more quickly than a patient can unaided. On top of faster healing, the person will also feel a lot better. Chiropractic controls pain all over the body. Based on research, people who underwent chiropractic care after a car accident injury dealt with less pain due to the fact that physical manipulation of their bodies released more pain-killing hormones. These hormones will not just help the specific injured areas, but also all the other areas that felt painful before the injury occurred. As we’ve always known, drugs for pain are not a healthy solution due their addictive properties that often lead to more problems in the future.

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