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The Importance of Exercise in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes. Millions of people across the globe are affected by Type 2 diabetes. The incidence of diabetes may double or triple in the next 20 years according to study estimates. Although researches are being conducted in the field of diabetes, one cannot deny that diet and exercise are still the best treatment for this sickness. The American Heart Association has recommended that individuals who want to stay healthy should at least devote 150 minutes in moderate intensity aerobic exercises. But, when a person is diabetic, it is likely that more exercise is required. If in your exercise you are almost breathless and unable to speak comfortably in a full sentence, then you are in this situation doing a moderate intensity aerobic exercise. Some examples of aerobic exercises include jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and cycling. Tennis and badminton can also be included in this category.
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There are a number of ways by which exercise can reverse Type 2 diabetes. Below are some of the ways that exercise can help improve blood sugar control and possibly reverse Type 2 diabetes.
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Insulin resistance is one of the most common underlying mechanisms of the development of diabetes. This happens when the tissues in the body resists insulin action. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas that helps push glucose absorbed from food, into the cells so that they are provided with energy. The cells cannot get the glucose that is required for them to function normally if they are insulin resistant. It has now been clinically tested that with aerobic exercise, insulin sensitivity in people who suffer from type 2 diabetes can improve. The recommendation was for moderate intensity exercise, but it has also been shown that even exercises of mild intensity have some effect on the blood sugars. Improvement and enhanced sensitivity to insulin can last for 72 hours for those who had a single round of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. if you want to maintain this positive effect, you need to exercise daily. Obesity is a common problem in people with type 2 diabetes. If you can lose a great amount of weight over a period of time, then blood sugar control can become a lot easier. The truth is, some patients who have exercised regularly and have lost a good amount of weight have also been able to reverse their diabetes completely. The heart muscles can be strengthened and its efficiency improved by keeping the heart pumping at a fast rate and this can be done through exercise. Good blood pressure control is possible with exercise because cholesterol levels are reduced. People with diabetes are more prone to heart disease but can be prevented by exercise. Exercises performed regularly can reduce blood glucose levels by 20%. Exercise, combined with improved insulin sensitivity, can help individuals take complete charge of their blood sugar levels.

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