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Managing Stress for Better Health

Stress can lead to stomach upset, headaches and raised blood pressure among other ailments and diseases. People who continuously experience stress face a higher risk of developing bad habits like overeating and drinking, as a coping mechanism for their emotional turmoil. Stress cannot be ignored, but it often cannot be eliminated either. The only acceptable solution is to learn healthy methods of stress reduction.

Move Your Body

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the damage of stress. It prevents weight gain and helps to improve blood pressure. Because exercise also increases their endorphinin level, it can also help to actually reduce the level of stress itself. Many people can use those “feel good” hormones to help them become creatively charged and find solutions for their problems.

Get a Massage

Not only does massage increase blood circulation and release the tension in the muscles, it is relaxing and enjoyable. One of the best parts of a massage is how pampered it can make the recipient feel. While this may seem to be a minor consideration, when the world seems like the enemy, a little pampering can help to reduce that feeling.

Get Some Sleep

Every problem will seem a little more manageable after a good night’s sleep. There is no reason to allow stress to prohibit this from happening. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and exercise and food at least two hours before bedtime. Keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature, avoid reading or watching TV in bed and take a warm, relaxing bath just before slipping into bed.

Find a Listening Ear

Sometimes the only way to get rid of stress is to talk it through. Constantly rehashing the same issue is never beneficial, but holding in worries, frustration and anger is not healthy either. Many people can find solutions to their problems, or eliminate their upset by sharing their feelings. A good friend, a spouse or even an attentive pet may be enough. Often people are not looking for advice, so venting is all that is needed.

Stress can make people ill and is considered a potential cause of numerous diseases. In addition to being unhealthy, it is also unproductive. Problems are not solved by worrying about them and no amount of anger will ever make certain situations undo themselves. By learning to manage stress, people are learning how to be healthier and more productive in any circumstance.

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