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Bulb shapes, sizes, and phrases

Incandescent gentle(3528 SMD Versatile Strip with Non-water resistant five Meters one hundred fifty LEDS) bulbs are available a variety of styles and sizes. The names of the shapes could also be rather other in a few areas. Many of those shapes have a designation which include a number of letters adopted through a number of numbers, e.g. A55 or PAR38. The letters constitute the form of the bulb. The numbers constitute the utmost diameter, both in 1⁄eight of an inch, or in millimetres, relying at the form and the area. As an example, sixty three mm reflectors are precise R63, however within the U.S. they’re referred to as R20 (2.five in). On the other hand, in each areas, a PAR38 reflector is referred to as PAR38. In Australia an R80 is 1 in in diameter.

Not unusual shapes:

Common Carrier

Gentle emitted in (just about) all instructions. To be had both transparent or frosted.

Varieties: Basic (A), Mushroom

Top Wattage Common Carrier

Lamps more than two hundred watts.

Varieties: Pear-formed (PS)


lamps utilized in chandeliers, and so forth.

Varieties: candle (B), twisted candle, bent-tip candle (CA & BA), flame (F), fancy spherical (P), globe (G)

Reflector (R)

Reflective coating within the bulb directs gentle ahead. Flood varieties (FL) unfold gentle. Spot varieties (SP) pay attention the sunshine. Reflector (R) bulbs placed roughly double the volume of sunshine (foot-candles) at the entrance primary space as Common Carrier (A) of comparable wattage.

Varieties: Same old reflector (R), elliptical reflector (ER), crown-silvered

Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR)

Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) bulbs keep an eye on gentle extra exactly. They produce approximately 4 occasions the focused gentle depth of basic carrier (A), and are utilized in recessed and monitor lighting fixtures. Weatherproof casings are to be had for out of doors spot and flood furniture.

one hundred twenty V sizes: PAR sixteen, 20, 30, 38, fifty six and sixty four

230 V sizes: Par 38, fifty six and sixty four

To be had in a large number of spot and flood beam spreads. Like any gentle bulbs, the quantity represents the diameter of the bulb in 1⁄eight of an inch. Subsequently, a PAR sixteen is two in in diameter, a PAR 20 is two.five in in diameter, PAR 30 is three.seventy five in and a PAR 38 is four.seventy five in in diameter.

Multifaceted reflector (MR)


“HIR” is a GE designation for a lamp with an infrared reflective coating. Due to the fact much less warmth escapes, the filament burns warmer and extra successfully.[70] The Osram designation for the same coating is “IRC”.[71]

Lamp bases

forty-watt gentle bulbs with same old E10, E14 and E27 Edison screw base

Very small lamps will have the filament improve wires prolonged in the course of the base of the lamp, and may also be in an instant soldered to a published circuit board for connections. A few reflector-sort lamps come with screw terminals for connection of wires. So much lamps have steel bases that have compatibility in a socket to improve the lamp and behavior present to the filament wires. Within the past due nineteenth century, producers presented a mess of incompatible lamp bases. Basic Electrical presented same old base sizes for tungsten incandescent lamps underneath the Mazda trademark in 1909. This same old used to be quickly followed throughout america, and the Mazda identify used to be utilized by many makers underneath license thru 1945. These days so much incandescent lamps for basic lighting fixtures carrier use an Edison screw in candelabra, intermediate, or same old or multi-millionaire sizes, or double touch bayonet base. Bayonet base lamps are regularly utilized in car lamps to withstand loosening as a result of vibration. A bipin base is ceaselessly used for halogen or reflector lamps.

Lamp bases could also be secured to the bulb with a cement, or through mechanical crimping to indentations molded into the glass bulb.

The double-touch bayonet cap on an incandescent bulb

Miniature lamps used for a few car lamps or ornamental lamps have wedge bases that experience a partial plastic and even utterly glass base. On this case, the wires wrap round to the out of doors of the bulb, the place they press towards the contacts within the socket. Miniature Christmas bulbs use a plastic wedge base as smartly.

Lamps meant to be used in optical techniques (comparable to movie projectors, microscope illuminators, or level lighting fixtures tools have bases with alignment options in order that the filament is located correctly inside the optical gadget. A screw-base lamp will have a random orientation of the filament while the lamp is put in within the socket.

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