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The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence commonly known as erectile dysfunction or ED happens when a male sex organ could not hold on to erection long enough to complete any sexual activity. Most of the worlds population have been affected by impotence or erectile dysfunction, as most experts believed almost all major countries in the world have this problems among male population.

Despite the fact that a large number of male population have erectile dysfunction, they still differ in effects on each of the affected person. Most of the cases of erectile dysfunction disables men on having erection, while this is true, there are also cases where affected individuals experience erection on several occasions but sometimes will not, as well as some having erections that do not last long.

Erection is a process where stimulation from sexually enticing acts triggers the brain to send a message to the muscles inside the phallus allowing it to be relaxed and in turn, blood flow freely to the sex organ erecting the phallus. The flow of blood through the phallus now produce those erections. A sustained erection is caused by the trapped blood in the phallus which is held in by the tensed muscles and forced to stay in the corpora cavernosa maintaining it contained until the sexual act is completed. Once the corpora cavernosa muscle contracts, the blood inflow will stop and the phallus will lose the currently erect state.

Any men can be affected by erectile dysfunction at any particular age but most cases happens at the age of fifty and above. There are a lot of factors that will cause most men to be affected by erectile dysfunction or impotence and this mostly happens during the later years in their life, most of these factors are physical conditions. There are a lot of factors contributing to erectile dysfunction or impotence among men at a younger age and most of these contributing factors are at a psychological level, often caused by stressing situations, anxiety in a massive level, depression within the family or relationship and other forms of psychological downsides.

Try to cross examine yourself and your past experiences if you want to determine whether you need to worry about erectile dysfunction or impotence or not, chances are if you have not experienced any difficulty holding out erection then you are fine. When experiencing unable to hold out phallus erection for long, do not jump into conclusions that you are affected by erectile dysfunction or impotence, there is still a big chance that what you have experienced is just caused by stressing events during the day or a different thing in mind while having sex. The alarming stage of experiencing erectile dysfunction or impotence symptoms is when this has gone for over three months in a repeated manner, that would be sign that you are indeed affected by the syndrome.

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