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Top Tips for Great Lips If you aren’t so blessed in the lips department, don’t fret. There’s a lot you can do! Start by thinking of them as a sponge. When they’re moist, they absorb water and get plumped. Otherwise, they become dry and shrink. The fact that they’re always exposed doesn’t help – they’re prone to dryness, especially during the cold months. Furthermore, skin here is much thinner to that in any other part of your body, not to mention it has no oil glands protecting it from the elements. Hence, you need to take extra care of your lips, and below are tips to help you do that: Drink water. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. A bottle of water wherever you go can make a lot of difference. At least eight glasses daily is good to keep your lips and the rest of your body hydrated.
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Licking your lips damages the protective barrier, which can dry out the lips. It may feel like you’re moisturizing your lips when you lick them, but the opposite is true. In fact, due to the digestive enzymes found in saliva, this practice actually promotes drying. Pick the right lip balm. Rather than wiping your lips with saliva (we already know why this is so wrong), smooth on some lip balm. Still, not all lip balms are the same, and you should get one that contains hydrating ingredients such as vitamin E, beeswax, or jojoba oils. Camphor-based medicated lip balms can be irritating so use them sparingly if you have sensitive lips. Install a humidifier at home. It can replace moisture in dry indoor air, keeping your lips (and your skin) hydrated. The moisture lost in indoor air can be easily replaced by a humidifier, helping you keep your lips (and your skin in general) hydrated. Use a lip exfoliator. Lip exfoliators remove dead skin, as do exfoliators you use on your face. However, since they contain chemicals like alpha or beta hydroxy acids, they have to be used cautiously, especially by those with constantly chapped or cracked lips. No more than once a week is safe. Use lip moisturizers with SPF. Lips have a small amount of melanin compared to our general skin, meaning, they are not shielded enough from the sun. Use lip moisturizers and lipsticks with SPF. Don’t use matte lipstick all the time. Every woman loves matte lipsticks, but they can be extremely drying. In fact, the dryness is what makes the thing adhere. That’s why you should use matte alternately with hydrating lipstick, or at least smooth on a layer of moisturizing lip balm underneath. Fixing Common Lip Problems > Lips with wrinkles all around – This can be caused by age, smoking or heavy sun exposure, and is treated with anti-aging facial creams and chemical peels. > Peeled lips – Usually, this is an allergic reaction to a variety of things, from medication to toothpaste to food, and may come with accompanying symptoms like itching and a persistent rash. Hydrocortisone is often used relieve the irritation. > Corner-of-mouth cuts – This problem is usually solved by applying a balm and tiny amount of OTC hydrocortisone cream.

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