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Importance of Stress Management The mental state of a human being can affect them positively or negatively. It is hard to eliminate stress in a person but the good thing is it can be controlled. Stress has become one of the major causes of mental disorders. Human stress can be caused by different things including social, economic among others. Specialists suggest a combination of physical, social, environmental, and psychological approaches to managing stress. During stress, there is always General Adaptation Syndrome that comes up. GAS is as a result of stress of which is your complex physiological responses, it has three phases. The alarm phase is the first phase. This phase makes the body react when there is an indication of a stressor around. The second phrase is called resistance phase. During this phase, your body usually resists stress to get back to homeostasis. Exhaustion comes as the third stage of GAS This stage occurs when your body is tired and cannot fight anymore to get back to homeostasis. Examples of stress are; tension and irritability, fear and anxiety about the future. The known indicators of stress include poor decision making, lack of appetite, lack of concentration and minigames. However there are ways that you can use to deal with and reduce stress levels.
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Taking good care of yourself is the first way to reduce stress. The first way on how to take care of your self is to look into your body health which includes proper diet, enough sleep, and maintaining normal body activity. Staying active by engaging in body activities is also very useful to look into the stress. When you work out you force yourself to take your mind off the stressor and therefore, focus on what you are doing. You may also go to a gym or even run to lower your stress levels.
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Another way to reduce stress is through getting social support. you need to talk to a friend or a relative any time that you are stressed up. You may connect with a friend or family member that will attentively listen to what you want to get off your mind. hey will help you in dealing with stress and the stressors. It is very important to avoid alcohol consumption or taking drugs. Majority of people take alcohol or even drugs when they are stressed. They believe that it might relieve some stress, but the relief is a temporary relief. This information is important for you to know the causes of your stressors and the ways to deal with them. Stress is usually a catalyst for other illness including mental illness hence it will be mindful to take relieve from your daily burdens. It is easy to have a great day and a great life that is stress free.

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