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A Brief Information About Alternative Medicine for Cancer A lot of the cancer patients these days are opting for complementary therapies. These treatments are known as alternative medicine or integrative medicine and they include changes in the diet, acupuncture, massage and imagery techniques. About 80 percent of cancer patients are opting for such and they are thinking if they must go for other treatments apart from the prescribed cancer therapies or ease the different symptoms of the disease or ease the side effects. The benefits actually differ and there are those that are backed by solid science. For many of those cancer sufferers, the psychological benefit is clear. The integrative medicine permits the women to have a bit of control over their care as well as feel they have some control on what is going on their bodies when they cannot control radiation or chemotherapy. There should be trial and error before one can find the right approach that actually works. You have to ensure that you make use of your common sense if you would evaluate the potential therapy and the potential therapist. This is due to the fact that if one is affected by a serious illness like cancer, then this can make the person more vulnerable to a number of things.
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Also, you should know that with whatever treatment you wish to try, you must make sure that you let your doctor know. The medical oncologist as well as the breast surgeon need to know what you are doing or what you are taking and be warned in case this can interfere with the treatment that they have prescribed you with. According to the 2005 survey, there are about 75 percent of cancer patients who have gone for alternative medicine but they did not inform their physicians.
Study: My Understanding of Options
One common therapy that the cancer patients go for is nutrition. Diet really plays a huge part in managing the symptoms. But, food can be key since you would like to stay strong to support the treatment in fighting cancer. It is imperative that you are actually well nourished and that you have maintained a lean body mass to ensure that you complete the therapy and also have a stable immunity. To have a good diet, you should eat vegetables, fruits, legumes and also whole grains and eat lean meats, fish and chicken. Also, going for acupuncture can be helpful. This is because regular needling sessions can help in relieving pain. Also, this is able to help with fatigue, neuropathy, hot flashes and nausea. There are also many cancer patients who are opting for stress reduction and also visualization. They wish to know the techniques so that they can turn on the relaxation response and shut off the stress response.

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