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The Blessings of Reconstructive Surgery Reconstructive surgery is not only about getting the perfect physique. People who had physical defects at birth, suffered injuries from accidents, or marred by disease can benefit from reconstructive surgery. Headways in the field have ensured better success rates and more natural results. Those born with physical defects at birth or acquire one later in life can undergo cosmetic surgery to address the abnormality if not totally fix it. An everyday reconstructive procedure is the removal of cancerous cysts and cells. Removing a lump surgically to halt the spread of cancer is done externally. Removing cancer cells, on the other hand, can be more complicated as it involves extraction of the malignant cells and grafting of skin from other areas of the body to rebuild the affected part. The damage can be so extensive that reconstruction will involve a whole area, such as the lips or nose. Breast cancer is another disease that has need for cosmetic surgery. In a mastectomy, the portion of the breast with cancerous cells, or even the whole breast for severe cases, must be excised. Reconstruction can then be done so patients will regain a sense of normalcy and get on with their lives. Breast reduction can also be classified in this category although many consider it as not really reconstructive surgery. Hefty breasts can impact the shoulders and back leading to chronic pain and fatigue. Breast size reduction can lead to physical relief. The same can be said for tremendous weight loss that modifies and deforms body shape greatly leading to physical and emotional distress. Procedures such as liposuction, arm lifts and abdominoplasty can eliminate large areas of excessive skin which cannot be shed through exercise and diet.
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Reconstructive plastic surgery is commonplace for birth defects either at a very young age or even later on in life. Parents can immediately decide to let their newborn undergo cosmetic surgery for a cleft lip or palate to spare their child from eating difficulties. Other frequent deformities, like a deviated septum, may be treated at a later age. A deviated septum contributes to breathing difficulty and unless very severe, it is advisable to delay the surgery until the nose is fully developed.
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Unforeseen cases can be the most trying and emotionally agonizing reconstructive cases. Victims of burns, animal bites, and car accidents might seek the expertise of a plastic surgeon to reconstruct their body or face. The reconstructive surgery to be done will depend on the unexpected injury. Reconstructive surgery continues to advance with the incorporation of new technologies that treat previously untreatable cases. Cosmetic surgery gives people reason to hope and improve their lives.

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