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What Are The Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a type of condition to which a man is incapable of maintaining or developing an erection during sexual intercourse. It is estimated that by the time men have reached their 40s, around 20 percent of them would be suffering from the said condition according to experts. Every single year, this percentage keeps on growing. But what causes these men to suffer this condition is actually varying. As a matter of fact, the primary causes of ED are divided to 2 types, psychological and physical.

For several men, impotence might develop with age and onset of depression and stress. Emotions actually have a huge impact on a man’s sexual performance including being self conscious or nervous about having sex. Having open communication with their partner could actually ease their stress and potentially, the condition itself.

There are some cases in which professional psychologist can be called in order to get to the root cause of the problem that causes their impotence. Seeking the help of a sex therapist can be so effective for the treatment. With the help of a sex therapist, it is ideal that your sexual partner come along as well to talk about any communication problems that you might be dealing with.

A few of the typical physical causes for erectile dysfunction are clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, low testosterone levels, use of tobacco, substance abuse including alcoholism, Peronie’s disease, certain prescribed medications and previous pelvic surgeries. Needless to say, there could be other physical causes for ED that is not on this list to which your doctor can identify.

There are several known treatments for those who suffer from physical causes of ED, and some of which can be costly but 2 of the very common treatments are by taking natural supplements and surgery.

It may involve direct injections to the man’s organ, vascular surgery and penile prosthesis for the surgical treatments for ED. These said surgeries could be costly, extremely invasive and dangerous. And what’s worse here is that, the surgical procedures are not 100 percent cure for the condition and can leave you with devastating result. The possible surgical treatments must be discussed thoroughly with your doctor.

You may go with alternative erectile dysfunction treatment like by taking natural supplements if you don’t want to undergo surgery. It has been thousands of years when natural herb is being put into use. Natural supplements as well as herbs are known to increase and improve the blood flow to the genitals, which make this an effective alternative.

It is recommended that you talk to your doctor first prior to taking any treatments to ensure that you’re far from risks.

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