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Diabetes Strips on Sale Aside from throwing away extra diabetes strips, many diabetics do not know that they can earn money out of it. Mail order companies send to many diabetics more than are needed thus giving them many extra boxes. Another reason of having extra diabetes strips is due to the fact that the doctor change the testing requirements and prescription to another brand . You can help other diabetics with your extra diabetes strips, not to mention the cash that you will get in return. Extra diabetes strips are also bought by dealers for many reasons. The most obvious reason is making money out of it. The insurance of other diabetics does not cover the purchase of diabetes strips from the pharmacy, and so there are some dealers who help these diabetics by giving it at a discount.
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Other means to get cash from your diabetes strips is to sell to several reputable buyers on the internet and you just mail your diabetis strips. Several buyers will pay $2.00 to $10.00 per box and others will even pay twice more the amount.
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After searching on the internet for a couple of minutes, you can easily find an individual or companies who will buy your diabetes strips, and would even reimburse your shipping cost. Be mindful though that the strips you sell will still be in an unopened box and has at least six months or more before expiry. Selling strips is legal if you are the legal owner or bought the strips yourself. Marked boxes with notations of “not for sale” or mail order only” can still be sold, except to a retailer. No one will buy expired diabetes strips, or the box is in damaged condition, or the box seal is broken, and possibly because the brand is not in demand. After buying your extra diabetes strips, some dealers donate it to shelters or give some profited money to a related charity. Some have a family member who has it and they feel a cause to help others. It is always a nice gesture that if you have extra or unused or unopened diabetic test strips, you do not let it gather dust until it expires, but you share or donate or sell it at a lower cost to those who cannot afford. Some people buying extra or unused diabetes strips would wonder of the quality of the brand, and so it is advisable to buy from companies that are registered with the government. All diabetics have extra diabetes strips and eventually disposed them because these strips have quite short shelf life. Extra money can be obtained by selling your extra diabetes strips on the internet.

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