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The Right Time to Start Potty Training is When the Child is Ready Themselves Parents will need to sacrifice a lot of things and one of which is the need to always have to make milk, even in the middle of the night, and this is just one part of the bargain because the need to constantly change a baby’s diaper is included but when the child grows and reaches a certain age, they will have to undergo potty training. This allows the parents to save time greatly and also teaches the child how to properly do certain tasks correctly and in the safest way possible. Changing a child’s diapers is one task that most parents have issues with because of its nature and because of this, most parents want to start potty training in the soonest possible time but in reality, this is actually a problem in the long run. There have been so many discussion all over the internet that you can find regarding this topic and while most say starting potty training before 2 is alright, some people will find it better after two but the reality is that each child have their very own special time where they are actually ready and the best time to start potty training will have to be when the child is ready.
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There are actually a number of signs that you can find when it comes to seeing that a child is ready for potty training and this usually shows up anytime between the age just before and a little after 2 because this is the time where the child is able to analyze that mommy and daddy is doing this. When the child starts to display interest in this particular field, then you can start training them since this will actually be the very best time for you to follow up such interest.
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If you really are interested in learning when your child will be ready for such training, then you should know first that according to statistics, regardless if a child is male or female, they will most likely show no emotional attachment and no physical interest in potty training until they are about 18 months but that aside, male are found to be interested in learning potty training earlier than female. Because of these values, teaching your child about potty training should not be taken hastily because this will likely spark anxiety to the child, and even other unpleasant condition that will mess with their mental understanding. Basically speaking, potty training can be easy for some and challenging for most but regardless, keep in mind that timing is everything in achieving a positive success in potty training and that you should not force a child to perform such training when they are not showing any signs.

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