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How to Find Plastic Surgery Specialists The medical field is composed of many specializations, with each specialty requiring additional years of special studies, more examinations and certifications to be passed before a physician can practice as a specialist. It is indeed one of the most challenging professions today because of so much different challenges that medical doctors can face when trying to save lives or improve the health of sick people. Reconstructive surgery has increased in popularity in the last decade. This specialty field in medicine was initially developed to handle restoration procedures for body parts that are disfigured by scars and improve function, but is now also recognized for aesthetic procedures. Today, all body parts imaginable can be reshaped and reconstructed with the use of modern techniques and more advanced equipments. The process of repairing disfigured body parts was started by Egyptians as early 3000 BC, way before anesthesia started to be a part of medical procedures. Plastic surgery was performed in varying techniques across the world during the early times, until people gained more access to traveling to farther countries, which encouraged early medical practitioners to seek more knowledge from other practitioners in foreign countries, until techniques were combined and further developed into improved techniques, which was supported by the development of more advanced devices and materials for surgical procedures. Years of studies and innovations in the medical field have enabled plastic surgeons today to perfect reconstructive procedures with little to no complications, and more desirable results than decades ago.
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Medically, reconstructive surgery aims to improve body functions that are reduced by large tight scars from burn wounds, or repair disfigured parts from birth defects that affect normal function. Typical reconstructive surgery involves grafting of skin tissues, which means removing scar tissues and replacing it with healthier skin either from the recipient’s own body or from a matching donor, then the ends are stitched together with medical thread or surgical glue.
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Aesthetic surgery, however, aims to improve the physical appearance of an already normal human part to fit the client’s preference and improve self-esteem. Popular cosmetic surgeries in today’s modern world are to improve the breasts, belly area, eyes, and nose. These are usually performed to enlarge parts like in breast augmentation, reduce tissue like in breast reduction surgeries, or reshape the bone and skin like in nose jobs, which are all according to the customer’s preference. There are also procedures that do not require surgeries like the use of botox on facial wrinkles as a replacement for facial lifts, injecting tissues or substances on the breasts or lips for augmentation, or dissolving stubborn fat using lasers as a replacement for invasive liposuction. But like all other surgical procedures that carries risks, a series of consultation and undergoing counseling is important. Before any cosmetic surgeries, clients are asked to do psychological tests and counseling to make sure they are ready for the changes that will happen.

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