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A Guide to Body Enhancement With the objective of correcting, reforming or improving a specific area of the body, this medical procedure is termed plastic surgery. The varieties of this procedure has greatly numbered over the past years. Because of technological advances and experienced professionals, this procedure is as safe as ever. Plastic surgery servers many other functions aside from the traditional aesthetic improvements. Procedures can vary from cheek implants, ear pinning, nose jobs, breast augmentation, breast reduction, buttock lift, tummy tuck and lipo suction. This procedure can be performed on a patient to satisfy his or her needs. The nice thing about these procedures is that they are covered with insurance caused by developmental abnormalities, infection, trauma or disease. The three primary types of plastic surgery are cosmetic, reconstructive and sub-specialties. Purely aesthetic, the cosmetic procedures’ goal is to enhance a specific feature. The primary focus of this procedure is restoration, enhancement or maintenance of a regular appearance. Reconstructive procedures are performed to correct impairments caused by traumatic injuries. Burns, further cosmetics, craniofacial, hand, micro and pediatric are covered by sub-specialties. Skin grafting, a common procedure, is when the skin is transplanted onto a specific area of the body. There are three main methods for skin grafts and these are autografts, allografts and xenografts. The procedure of taking samples of a patient from one area and grafted to another area is called autograft. When samples are removed from one donor that has the same species of skin, the procedure is called allograft. Finally, xenografts is grafting from one donor that has a different species.
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Either for aesthetic or reconstructive reason, may patients are now undergoing these procedures, especially because of the advanced technology and thus making the procedure safer.
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To reshape your body figure, there is another group of cosmetic surgery called body contouring. Typically this is done after massive weight loss and is a very effective way to combat sagging of the skin. The extra fat hanging from the groin area can cause chafing and blistering and so thigh treatment is recommended. To eliminate signs of aging, the face is treated with a procedure called rhitidectomy to rejuvenate the face. Neck suspension, face lifts and brow lifts are included in this procedure. Depending on the specific nature of the procedures, these procedures can be done in the office, and can last from six to seven hours. With more and more people want to look beautiful, they choose surgery as a solution to beautify their face and body, and this made plastic surgery more popular in recent years and making it a lucrative business. To restore a person’s self-esteem due to accidental burns or injury scars, people resort to plastic surgery.

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