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What is Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery? To change, repair or restore a body part to look normal is mainly what is done in reconstructive and plastic surgery. These qualify as highly specialized type of surgery. They are identified by their skill level in preparation of human skin and tissue, by high attention to detail in cutting and suturing methods, and methods that result in less scarring. A range of new plastic surgery procedures can be performed due to new advances in technology and techniques that have been developed through the years. Purpose Procedure and approach seem the same with these three types but each have their own specialized field in surgery. In plastic surgery they usually deal with the removal of scars, warts and birthmarks, or to treat some birth defects. In cosmetic surgery the main goal is enhancing or modifying in a way to make someone look younger or bigger. To reconstruct parts of a human body that was a result of birth abnormalities or amputation falls under reconstructive surgery. As a result of dismemberment and amputations during the war reconstructive surgery was developed for the soldiers.
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Procedures involving the skin usually falls under plastic surgery. Procedures that remove extra fat from the abdomen, removal of acne scars, tattoos, and reshaping children’s ears are common uses of plastic surgery. More often cosmetic surgery is done on the face. Enhancement or repair of one’s features falls under cosmetic surgery. The most common cosmetic procedure done on children is the correction of the cleft palate. When surgery involves changing the shape or size of breasts, removal of the excess skin around the eyelids, or remodeling of the nose. Cosmetic surgery is gaining notice by the men the once female focused type of surgery especially cosmetic surgery in Miami. The surgery that is most commonly performed on burn victims is reconstructive surgery. When broken bones and skin grafting is involved this requires reconstructive surgery. The reattachment of a dismembered human part and other amputated organs are a part of reconstructive surgery. . When Preparing If you will undergo a surgery that is not an emergency you will need to be prepped educationally and knowledge in some medical considerations. Outpatient procedures under local anesthesia that can be done are; removal of warts, birthmarks, tattoos and reshaping of the nose. Most of the time when people stay in the hospital they will be undergoing plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery that involves general anesthesia. Educating the Patient The specialist will meet with the scheduling patient before the operation is booked, so as to disclose the procedure and to make sure that the individual is practical about the expected results.

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